6 Tips and Tricks for Pokémon Go Beginners

If you are a fan of Pokémon since then, you will find this new game of Niantic, Inc. interesting. Well, if you are looking for guides on how to understand everything that you need to start playing this new game. You choose the right place to visit.

Gear up these tips and tricks as you go to the world of Pokémon! (Special thanks to PokemonGoDB)

  1. Prepare everything!
    As you go on to the magical-digital world of Pokémon, you should discover essential things about the game requirements to install the game in your phone. Do not get yourself in the disappointment on just finding out that your phone is not completely compatible with your desired game.
    1.1 Check your device’s information about specs. This is the most important part, if your phone cannot install the game, all the things that to be followed by this method is totally useless.
    1.2 Have a strong connection of Data Plan. The game will require you roam around, that is why you basically need a mobile plan that you can bring altogether with your phone.
  2. Identify the different types of Pokémon
    This is totally different from other Pokémon games that existed in the past years. In this game, you have to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon that you will encounter. You will be able to use that knowledge in different battles along with other players or on your catch.
  3. Go with nearby Pokémon around you
    There are types of Pokémon that you can actually capture around your place, from your office, school, and streets. Be careful and attentive as you look for some, you might encounter rare types of Pokémon. There are numbers of players who does not want to catch on nearby places for some reasons that it might have an already an owner or too many people have the same type/class. However, catching up even a common Pokémon will give you exp, and candy that will be essential in leveling up.
  4. Use the Candy wisely.
    You Pokémon will evolve thru candies; you should know what are the basic requirements of each Pokémon so that you will be able to use that candy into a more significant evolution.
  5. Keep the connection with other trainers
    Pokémon Go has a huge community of players. Teaming up will help you to know about updates, strategies, trade and even build teams for Gym defenses. You can learn more about things in Pokémon thru this.
  6. Keep it!
    6.1 Save things that you might encounter like Great balls and Ultra balls. Do not be tempted on using it automatically after looting it; those are powerful other than ordinary poke balls. It can capture a higher class of Pokémon soon enough when you encounter them!
    6.2 Keep the Pokémon with the Highest CP. Those are types of Pokémon with the potential to evolve stronger as it gets in more evolution stage.

Use this tips and tricks as your guide in playing! Enjoy catching them all!

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