What You Need to Know Before Playing Pokemon Go

Do you play “Pokémon Go”? Do you want to improve your play? If you play Pokémon Go for the first time and you do not have a complete idea how to do it, the tendency is that, you will have more loses than wins. When you are so eager to change your playing experience, there are things that you have to know beforehand. Special thanks to this recent Forbes article for their breaking down of these elements, which we have further summarized for you below.

If you want to play the game for the first time, you have to be aware with following things so that you can enjoy your time playing Pokémon Go:

  1. Choose Pikachu. From the very start of the game, you will be given Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. You have to choose one among them as your starter; however, the best Pokémon to opt is Pikachu. The following options will follow you but you have to run away from all of them. Doing this for the fourth time, Pikachu will come out.
  2. Catching a Pokémon that is of higher level needs a technique. Catching a Pokémon sound easy but when you see higher level stuff, you will find it hard especially when you do not have a strategy. The easiest way to do the process is that when you press and hold a Pokeball, there is a ring that will begin shrinking. The best time to throw it is when the Pokeball reaches its smallest circumference.
  3. Battling is more difficult than it appears. When you start battling, it may seem easy, but it is harder. When you attack your enemy, there will be a special meter that will build and for you to have a possibility to win, you can utilize filled bars to create a stronger attack.
  4. Hatch various incubated eggs. Upon hatching incubated eggs, you will have more Pokemons that are not available in your area. You can find some by walking around. But then, there is a need to buy incubators to eliminate the grind. 
  5. Open the app to determine whether a Pokémon is near you. Make sure that the app is open at all times for you to know whether there is a stuff near you. In doing this, you can also listen through your earphone as there will be a buzz when a Pokémon is near.
  6. Beat an opponent team repeatedly for you take over a gym. The gym is quite confusing. When you experience the same thing, you can make the gym rep lower up to zero in order for it to be neutral. Then you can position your particular stuff there. This process encompasses of beating a gym twice, thrice, or many times.
  7. Holding a gym will give you free Pokémon. When you are able to hold a gym, you can experience an amazing benefit as you will receive free stuffs that you can enjoy.

Knowing all the things given, you will have the peace of mind of winning rather than losing. Aside from that, you will be guided enough how to do things properly. Playing “Pokémon Go” will give you an enjoying experience very much.

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