How Do You Find PokeStops and Gyms of Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go has drastically changed how people communicate with the world, but now everyone can help change how location-based augmented reality game forms your native town.

PokéStops are the perfect place to get Poké balls, potions super potions, eggs, revives, Great balls, Razz Berries, Master Balls and Ultra Balls. Pokémon Gyms, on the other hand, are typically larger landmarks around the city. This is where players can battle other Pokémon players for pride, control, and free PokéCoins. However, you cannot visit gym until you have reached level 5 and have picked a team you think would best fit to your gaming needs for an ultimate winning goal.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go is a bit biased to cities, since it depends on points of interests and landmarks. If you are living out in the country or in a small town, chances are you might not see numerous Pokémon, Gyms or PokéStops nearby. Good thing, there are support pages and maps that will help you request new PokéStops and Gyms to be added to your database.

Ingress Intel Map

As reported by Polygon, one of the best things to do is head to the Ingress Intel Map. It can be used to find locations closely populated with landmarks, so that you will be able to know the right place to spend your time. The portal data set of Ingress became very robust, it was preferred as the base for Pokémon Go. The Ingress website consists of a worldwide map, which shows that location of every portal. Using a specific plugin, you can choose specific portals, then tag them as either Gyms (places where users battle other players) or PokéStops (places where users get supplies).

Although all Ingress portals play a part in Pokémon Go, it gives user a place to start. Each of these portals has the potential of being either gyms or PokéStops. You can install Ingress on your smartphone or from your chosen app store and sign in or make an account through social media. Install the add-on Tampermonkey for Google Chrome users, and add-on Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox users. Afterward, you are now ready to download the add-on Ingress Intel Total Conversion.

While Pokémon Go has been officially released in United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, the map consists of gyms and PokéStops in other countries. This is either users have chosen to label random Ingress portals as gyms and PokéStops, or players have faked their GPS location that goes against the rules and spirit of the game.

For those who haven’t tried Pokémon Go yet, then you are missing one of the fun and adventure parts of your life. It is indeed a unique mobile gameplay since you need to head out and explore the outside only to hatch Pokémon and involve in actual battles. Another benefit of playing this new game craze is that, players were able to create a new behavior between individuals, as they actually talk to each other in public.

When you are badly in need of gyms for a thrilling battle, or PokéStops for unlimited supplies, Ingress Intel Map helps to make your gaming experience very notable.

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