Helpful Guide for Pokémon Go Players

The new game of Niantic Inc. has created a huge impact on the Android and IOS game lovers. They put a new type of game that will surely take over the gaming world. The app is still on work out on different things. Let us check out the things that are basically present in this cool game, though.

We can do a lot of fun things by discovering and letting ourselves learn not just about catching but making it easier and fun to play the game. Tips provided via PCMag.

  1. Turn it off.
    Turn off the AR (Augmented Reality) features of the camera, this is basic and will lead you to a smoother gameplay of the game. Simply do it by tapping it when capturing a wild Pokémon. This will also help you to focus your camera into the Pokémon only and not on other things like the people around you (who really hates to pointed camera at).
  2. The CP
    It means the Combat Power of the Pokémon. It is the number indicated above each Pokémon. The higher the CP means a higher battle standard that a Pokémon can give you. As it level up, the CP also increases the same as it evolves. Well, here is a tip about it – you can see a semi-circle at the top of Pokémon’s stat. That could be the current maximum of a Pokémon CP potential. In other words, the longer the dot where it indicates, the higher CP the Pokémon will have when it evolved.
  3. Optimizing the Egg hatching
    If you visit a Pokestops, try to pick up some eggs and it will become a Pokémon. However, before anything else, you have to incubate them by walking around. To be able to hatch it, go to your collection, click the egg’s tab, which is on the upper right, and then walk around until it hatches. Remember, this app will detect if are moving or not. It does not care whether you are walking, running or having a bike / car with you, as long as you move from one place to another to hatch the egg.
  4. Gain more and faster EXP
    Catching any Pokémon that you can encounter around the area could be the best way to gain more EXP and Candies. Try to catch even low level Pokémon that you encounter, you can use the candies in stronger types of Pokémon that you want to keep and evolve. By the way, having many Pokémon will let you choose from different types and can help you build a better team in the future.
  5. Save things wisely

Every level that you got into will reward you with things like potions, incense, revives, incubators, ultra balls, great balls and other important thing that you might be able to use in the future. Use it wisely and do not use it in the Pokémon that does not have potential to evolve higher.

I hope everything in this article will help you enjoy your Pokémon Experience. Good luck!

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