What You Should Know about ‘Pokémon Go’ Team Mystic? Interesting Facts Within!

Lately, Team Mystic has been getting lots of attention on various social channels. But have you wondered, what are the secret formulas it features that make it an ideal choice for many Pokémon Go users?

Upon reaching level 5, Pokémon Go enables players to join one of the three teams – Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic. As stated by a new report, Team Mystic is leading mentions on social media since the first release of Pokémon Go. The news showed that Team Mystic holds 43% of the talk on social media, followed by Team Valor with 32% and Team Instinct with 25%. To provide more information on this matter, we found this great resource at then summarized it for you below.

What’s the secret behind?

  • They give importance on logic and wisdom

Some Pokémon players choose Team other team due to the color of their logo, or because Moltres is their most favorite Pokémon. However, many still prefer choosing Team Mystic over other teams, one of them is because of believing in trust and intuition.

In the introduction of Spark – the leader of Team Instinct – he said that he strongly believes Pokémon are the kind of creatures with excellent instinct, and he speculates the main ingredient to this instinct is associated to the technique they hatch. For comparison, Team Mystic is described by tranquility, science and wisdom, whereas Team Valor is described by perseverance, power and strength.

  • The most renowned team

So far, Team Mystic has the most number of members, with Team Valor coming in second and Team Instinct that appears to be less popular (as stated by the information above with the amount of percentage).

In addition, a recent poll that is composed of 100,000 gamers has found out that only 23% had chosen Team Instinct, 29% for Team Valor, while 37% for Team Mystic. On Reddit, Instinct has a considerable representation; its subreddit has reached around 15,500 subscribers, while Team Valor has 8,900 and Team Mystic has 21, 500. This only shows that even outside the country, Team Mystic remains as the most popular team by many Pokémon players.

  • The team is combined in their hatred for Valor

Although there are 3 teams in Pokémon Go, it is mostly a battle among Team Mystic and Team Valor. This is because they are two of the most popular and ideal groups in the game, and they have primarily concentrated their hate on one another. Team Instinct, on the other hand, is doing its personal thing out there.

  • They are comparing themselves to House Stark

Often, Team Mystic members compare themselves to the House of Stark from Game of Thrones. Their motto is “Team Mystic knows no bird but the bird in the North, named is Articuno.” Mystic is much more driven by wisdom – a quality that has come to describe Stark family members.

  • Fighting for the control of Capitol Hill

The popular game Pokémon Go is all about claiming actual locations for a team. Team Mystic has already taken over some vital ones. A number of days ago, Mystic had full control over Capitol Hill, which stakes claim on the White House.

With the never-ending opportunities of making the Pokémon Go interesting and fun, we can expect Team Mystic to create various opportunities for users.

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