How Many People Are Playing Pokémon Go? Take Our Guess!

Pokémon Go continues creating a big buzz not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world. But you may wonder: How many people are playing this popular mobile game? Any guess? The company has not yet released any official records, however we have estimations to offer an idea of the scope of revenue and downloads it is generating.

So far, we have estimated about 9.5 million of daily active users. How did we got there? Simple!

Recently this week, Similar Web – a data analytics company – made a huge noise when it published data claiming that Pokémon Go was used by nearly many individuals as Twitter. It claims that on July 11 (Monday), 5.9% of U.S. Android users opened the application of Pokémon Go. Meaning to say, that is almost double the three percent of Android users who already opened the game last July 8.

Another impressive bit of data is the fact that several users spend a considerable time in the Pokémon app than on Twitter or Facebook. As stated by Sensor Tower, average of iPhone users consume thirty-three minutes in their Pokémon app, while they only consume twenty-eight minutes in their FB app, eighteen minutes in their Snapchat, seventeen minutes in their Twitter app and fifteen minutes in their Instagram app.

Pew Research Center found that 68% of American adults have their own smartphones. The latest census data released in July 2005 shows that there are approximately 248 million of U.S adults. That means, there are about 168.5 million adults who have smartphones. How cool is that!

Now, we will turn to comScore. In January, comScore found out that 52.8% smartphone subscribers in the U.S. with more than 13 years of age are Android users. To make it simple, let us assume that the number of Android users is similar to the U.S. group of adults with 18 years old and above. So, that will leave you a number of 89 million U.S. adults who use Android. Are you still on the right track?

So, going back to SimilarWeb, which found that 5.9 percent of U.S adults opened the application. This will give you 5.25 million daily Pokémon Go users. The approximate ratio of U.S. adults who use iOS device is 43.4 percent. Together with Pew Research Data, that will give us the total of 73.5 million users of iOS smartphones.

Assume that the number of people who use Pokémon app on Android is similar to those who use on iOS. This will leave an approximate sum of 4.3 million iOS players of Pokémon Go. When you add the number of iOS users (4.3 million) with the number of Android users (5.25), the overall daily users of Pokémon Go will be 9.55 million. That’s it!

There are other interesting facts I’m sure you’d wish to know about the popularity of Pokémon Go in the world of mobile games. The number is just an estimate. You can also find other estimates lifting around. But since the popularity of Pokémon Go continues rising, we can also expect to see an escalating number of people who are getting enthralled with this mobile game.

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