Pokemon Go: Does it affect your Phone’s data and Battery Life?

Certainly, there has been no big debate about Pokémon Go like the right to pursue the game character which is Pikachu. When the game app was updated in order to allow map storing offline, possibly, it could save battery life for about a few minutes and some Megs of your phone’s data. Pokémon Go on iPhone can absolutely become a battery hog but not on the data. And to some famous brands of phone, it could affect the data but not the battery itself.

But how much battery life does the game application totally drain and how does it affect the data of your phone? Recently answered by CNet, this is a topic that many mobile device owners and Pokemon Go users have been asking. In this manner, let’s see it profoundly through a test. In order to make certain the right and proper comparison as possible whether Pokémon Go affects phone’s battery and data or not, there is a need to control various things such as:

  1. Various battery sizes
  2. Background applications (In this way, you are ensured enough that the Pokémon Go is game application to be measured)
  3. Screen Brightness (When the screen is brighter, possibly there will be more battery hog)
  4. Cell Strength (When the cell strength is less, there will also be more battery hog as your phone will try to increase the signal)

If you will start testing how the Pokémon Go affects the phone and data of your battery, it is a prerequisite to use a particular phone. You have to turn off the setting in auto brightness, set the brightness for about 80 percent, and disable all your background apps. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you will walk in a route where you can control the cellular strength.

You have to bear in mind that you will walk thrice in the same route. For your first walk, you can browse a social networking site rather playing the game application. For your second try, you can listen to an online music. Next to that, you can play the game app and lastly, you can play Pokémon Go while listening to a particular music site available online. Before, you will do the test, you have to charge your phone to 100 % in every walk or try that you will do. Moreover, the result might be:

  1. Browsing social media. 5 percent
  2. Listening to online music. 0 percent
  3. Playing Pokémon Go alone. 15 percent
  4. Playing the game app while listening to a particular online music. 17 percent

In the result, you can see that playing the Pokémon Go can really drain your phone’s battery. In Cell Strength, when it is less, the tendency is that your phone will try its best to increase the signal in which there will be more drain in your battery. When it comes to the screen brightness, there will be more battery hog when the screen of your phone is brighter. In this manner, all you have to do is to adjust its brightness so that you can enjoy playing the game application within a long period of time. Additionally, you can buy excellent battery to avoid more battery hog.

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