Pokemon Go Battle Guide

One interesting fact about Pokémon Go is that, the game is not just about catching Pokémon. As soon as you caught some levelled-up creatures, you will have the desire to challenge a number of players for many gym controls that populate your local place.

To make sure you don’t leave from your subsequent battle with a list of defeated Pokémon, you are going to check out the list of tips to help you master attacking in Pokémon Go.

Primarily, the first stage of Pokémon Go includes catching Pokémon and getting XP to increase the trainer level. You should be at least level 5 to engage in gym battles. Thus far, you need to focus on catching as several Pokémon as you can for you to level up and have lots of Pokémon available to prepare for fights.

When you already reached level 5, you are assured allegiance to your chosen team. There are 3 teams to choose from (Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor). The team you have selected will represent for the entire game, and will determine the type of gym you can battle or join. Check out these quick battle gaming tips, as referenced from

Defend a gym

When finding a gym, you will see the Pokémon and the main trainer they have positioned at the gym. Tap it and swipe to see its members and the available spaces to join. Before taking on the gym, it is necessary to investigate your opponent. Tap the gym and view every Pokémon that defends the location, as well as the number of (CP) Combat Points they have. Those Pokémon with higher CP are stronger to defeat. Do remember that fights are still based on a formula of scissors, rock and paper. Fire Pokémon are weak against water, while water Pokémon are weak against electricity.

Activate your special attack

A blue box below the health of your Pokémon will be your special attack. When full, players should tap and hold the screen awhile to activate your special attack. These attacks offer further damage and can change tide of battle quickly.

You will immediately go to the next lineup as soon as you overthrow a Pokémon at a Gym. Its either you choose to keep utilizing your existing Pokémon or shift to one that can handle your most recent opponent well.

Do not expect to earn any gym badges, but the types of rewards that this newest mobile game offers are worthwhile. Raise the prestige level of your team and level up your Pokémon to take on enemies. You can get extra experience points if you win the battle. Even if you don’t defeat all of the gyms of Pokémon, you can still have a chance to lower the effectiveness of locations through lowering the prestige level of the gym.

The fights or battles in Pokémon Go are quite simple. Whether you are battling or training another team, the mechanics are just similar. You can be the next Pokémon Go master by just following these simple, yet effective tips on how to battle in Pokémon. Have fun and good luck on your game adventure!

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