Certified Pokemon Go Enthusiast? Learn The Best Tricks, Tips and Cheats!

Want to be a Pokémaster? Of course! Here’s our ultimate guide for the best tricks, tips and cheats you can use to lead the game board.

Pokémon Go is invading the world. Regardless of the ghastly discoveries and crippling server problems, it continuously soars on the top of app charts, sold millions of money of Pokéballs, added billions to the value of markets and other fundamental goods, since large groups of people involve in wistfulness for Pokémon games and realize the thrills of playing games. 

Deceptively, the game is tricky. At the start, it looks like all you do is stroll around and catch random fake animals. But far removed from other mobile games, it leaves most of its difficulty unexplained. Players are dropped in a world that they need to master and find out how Pokémon Go works. Below are some tricks, tips and cheats to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that we’ve discovered through

  • Choose Pikachu as your first Pokémon

In the beginning, the common trio of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle will be offered to you. But when you back down from this offer three enough times, you’ll now be offered Pikachu. Grab the opportunity and start in style!

  • Spend Pokécoins

Pokémon Go is free for everyone. But if you want to earn points, especially to win gym battles, you can opt to buy Pokécoins. If you are planning to buy more Pokéballs, visit Pokéstops without letting you spend any amount of money.

  • Visit Pokéstops

For an ultimate game catching experience, you need to visit Pokéstops and they will provide you with great rewards. This also ensures that you would not run out of Pokéballs while hunting.

  • Pay attention to your battery

Since Pokémon Go needs to be continuously running and requires constant connection of internet, the battery consumption of your device doesn’t improve. Good thing, the mobile game offers a battery saver feature for particular types of devices (iPhones and Android phones). It was designed to reduce the battery use of Pokémon game. This is done by switching the screen off when your phone is upturned, such as in your pocket.

  • Record player cheat

This game requires players to travel around their parks, homes and nearby towns in order to find new Pokémon and achieve goals (ex. hatching incubating eggs). Since you cannot use a car to boost up your distance, you should give in to cycling or walking. 2km, 5km or 10km, is enough to hatch them. Also, other types of slow transportation can work.

  • Location and time also matters

If you’re after a particular type of Pokémon, they are usually more possible to create in areas based on their chosen habitat. More commonly, Darker Pokémons are available at night, while water types can be possible to create near a river. If you really want to catch Krabby nearby lake, make sure to keep an eye on the places you are going to.

So, ready to invade the Pokémon craze and become the best trainer in the world? Catch the tricks, tips and cheats listed above to help you get started!

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