Pokemon Go Hacks: Effective Ways to Catch Them All

Pokémon Go is already bigger than Tinder, a dating app and Instagram, a social media app. On the other hand, the game has not launched without any problem. In fact, it has many bugs that most users have to work through. One of the biggest issues is that the game drains the battery life and sometimes deletes the progress.

Here are some of the simple hacks that will surely help you catch numbers of Pokemons, provided via Bustle and their awesome Pokemon Hacks report.

As Much as Possible, Get Pikachu as Your Starter Pokémon

Players should be aware that there are three different main starter Pokemons spawning wherever the player is as soon as they begin playing the game namely; Squirtle, Bulbasur, and Charmander. If the players ignore them, chances are they will appear with fourth one in the mix and that is where Pikachu will come in.

Hatch Eggs as Fast as You Can

For players who want to hatch eggs as fast as possible, it is not as easy as one-two-three. Pokémon eggs hatch right after being incubated for a particular distance. On the other hand, they are immune to very high speeds. Meaning to say, players are not going to hatch Pikachu going about sixty five miles an hour.

Find Even More Pokémon

Since Pokémon is primarily designed to spawn in places with high cellphone traffic, players should go to places such as tourist attractions, amusement parks, and monuments to name some. This is made even better if the players live in cities with many people. We also don’t recommend playing Pokemon Go while driving.

Look for a Particular Pokémon Type

Water types are obviously found in bodies of water such as oceans and lakes. Grass types on the other hand mainly found near forests while ghost types come during nighttime.

Make Ways to Catch Pokémon as Easy as Possible

It is advisable to turn off the app’s augmented reality aspect as this will make it much easier to keep tame Pokémon of player’s view for a long period of time, thus prevent them from running away right before the players can catch them without AR on.

Missed Pokeballs should be recovered

Players who are fast enough can absolutely pick up the Pokeballs that missed their own target. Right after the player has launched Pokeballs at a certain Pokémon while capturing it and miss, they just need to tap the ball while it is still visible right on the ground.

Get PokeCoins Free of Charge via Google Opinion Rewards

Answering surveys on Google Opinion Rewards earns the players credit, which in the first place they can utilize to stock up PokeCoins without the need to shell out an amount of money.

Get Much Better Gear thru PokeStops

The players just need to visit PokeStop. These are public places where individuals may gather right in real world. This can be in parks, malls, gyms, and churches.

Find the Different PokeStops

There is a map that is user-created and players can add to it.

Visit Same PokeStop as Many Times as You Can

If you will just stick around and wait right until it becomes accessible again, chances are you will be able to stock up at same PokeStop all over again.

For More Candy, You Need to Trade Duplicate Pokémon

Trading lower-level ones over to Professor Willow will give the players candy in exchange.

Save Your Phone’s Battery

Pokémon Go can drain your battery, so it is necessary to turn on battery saver mode to make the most out of the game.

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