Be the Best Pokeplayer You Can Be with Pokémon Go Hacks!

No doubt, almost every player dreams of putting their name on the top of game ladder. I’m sure, you’re one of them. But, how do you achieve this goal? Watch out for Pokémon Go hacks that will surely help you catch them all!

Poképlayers need to walk around their areas to catch Pokémon. This may enable you to consume much of your time catching the egg and win every battle. Fortunately, there is an excellent way to catch eggs without the need of leaving your house! This is just among the reasons why people are getting fascinated with this mobile game. Special thanks to Thrillist for their awesome writeup on the best Pokemon Go hacks, tips and tricks.

To add spice to your gaming experience, you need to familiarize yourself with Pokémon Go hacks. How to start?

  1. Make Pikachu as your starter character

Once you start playing the game, Pokémon Go has 3 main starter that spawn wherever you may be. They are popularly known as Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. But you should ignore these starters as soon as they appear and keep walking. When they respawn, continue ignoring them enough times. Pikachu will eventually appear in the mix.

  1. Save your battery

Just like other apps that use GPS technology, Pokémon Go can become a little of a drain on the battery of your phone. Turn on the battery saver mode to take advantage of what you have got. Simply tap on the Pokéball on your main screen, then hit the Settings gear. Even when you turn your phone upside down, its screen will completely go blank. The application is still on, and still tracks your movements as well as sends you notifications when the Pokémon are near.

  1. Create a nice curve by spinning your Pokéball

When catching a Pokémon, draw a number of circle around your Pokéball for some spin. This will give you a curveball additional benefit for even more XP.

  1. Catch Pokémon without leaving your home? That’s nearly possible!

One way is to grab some glue or tape and stick your phone to a circling surface. The GPS will think you are moving. Probably, it is a safer method than crossing roads with a head down. Otherwise, use a jailbroken iPhone since it will allow you mess with the location services. You will act as a LocationFaker app to enable your GPS location move without essentially going to a place.

  1. Find more Pokémon in a big city

Since Pokémon are intended to spawn in zones with high mobile traffic, the best option to find more of those little critters is to go anywhere that is home to lots of crowds such as parks, tourist attractions, monuments and so much more. The idea is yours. Living or going to a very populated place will allow you to get even better chances of finding more Pokémon.

If you really want to be the best at like nobody ever was, then now is the best time to consider Pokémon Go hacks and see amazing gaming results for yourself. Now, you can get out there and catch them all!

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