What Does Pokemon Go Look Like at Level 30?

Pokemon Go has levels that you need to surpass. If you are a beginner, for sure, you will find the first levels hard. However, as you go along, you will have a hassle free experience in which you can enjoy playing the mobile game application a lot. In the first 10 levels, you can play them quickly and immediately. Nevertheless, when you reach higher levels such as 11 to 20, 21 to 30, etc. you will have an extreme experience that will totally challenge you as a user and a trainer as well while playing the game app. Before you will be able to reach the level 30, you need to have 500 k XP points. So you have to acquire those points before you can experience the intense level.

Through a compilation of powerful resources from Forbes, Reddit, and Mashable, we’ve been able to provide you with the following references and resources.

At level 30, there are a wide variety of bonuses that you can take advantage of such as Ultra Ball, Max Potion, Max Revive, Razz Berry, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Egg Incubator, and Lure Module. With all of these bonuses, you just have to enjoy playing the game for you to reach this level. If you are still in the low level, you have to work harder and be patient for you to play the game application successfully and efficiently.

Aside from amazing bonuses, you can also have the opportunity to catch the highest Pokemon at level 30. In the general perspective, all you have to do is be cautious enough in doing the process, for you to get one or more stuffed with the highest levels such as Exeggutor with 2423 CP, Arcanine with 2314 CP, and a lot more. In simpler words, you have a lot of awesome choices in this level because you will have the chance to get excellent bonuses and a broad range of Pokemon. 

Nonetheless, the player on Reddit said that there are simple things that are not done better that make him annoyed. In scaling in each area, it should be adjusted according to him because the Pokemon that you can capture does not have the level equivalent to level 30. He also added that the way of every level scales with XP are designed horribly. The people who are at the level 20 cannot realize it but when they reach 25, that is the time in which they can determine the issue.

Apart from that, there are other issues that the player ascertained like Pokemon diversity. He said that he already caught 4000 Pokemon but he never see Shellder, Drowsee, Seel, Voltrob, and others. He also affirmed that they should be available in other levels as well.

Even though there are issues that you can experience at level 30, you will enjoy playing Pokemon Go for sure. You will have an experience that can make you fulfilled at the end of your playing time as well. Knowing the problems that arise in the level, you will be guided enough and you will be prepared on how to deal with those situations.    

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