Pokemon Go Player Cheats, Tips and Tricks

In spite of the gruesome discoveries and server issues, Pokémon Go has soared right to the top of app charts, thus added billions to Nintendo’s market value and sold Pokeballs worth million dollars and some other virtual goods, as many people engage in nostalgia for original Pokémon games while discovering the great joy of playing games in public.

Here are some pretty good cheats, tips, and tricks you can try every time you play Pokémon Go — provided via

Use your GPS Spoofer

If you want to get more Pokeballs, there are many ways to bypass the system. On the other hand, doing this is a bit tricky and might put you at risk being banned by the company Niantic. For android users, they can root their phone and utilize an app such as Hide My Root in order to prevent the game from telling what you have done. Downloading GPS Spoofer will allow the players to utilize the app to make their phone think they are somewhere else on map.

Get Pikachu as Your Starter

All the players need to do is keep on walking and the three starters will continuously spawning next to them. But if you will keep on walking in the same direction while forcing the three to spawn you four times, Pikachu will definitely appear as an option.

Get Coins via Placing Pokémon right at the Gyms

It is common for players to find themselves running out from coins. Upon reaching the fifth level, they might take over to the gym or even join one that has been claimed for Pokémon Go Team. Simply choose the Pokémon to take place right in the gym and then defend it.

Throw Impacts the Possibility of Catching Pokémon

Keep in mind that the way you throw Pokeballs primarily carries much more importance than players may think. Perfect timing is everything.

Catch Everything

Do not ignore Pokémon in the wild that you have captured already. Duplicating Pokémon can definitely bring it right to Professor Willow and trade them for more candies.

Utilize Incense to Move Around

Upon utilizing incense items, chances are Pokémon will spawn right next to you. Single use of incense lasts about thirty minutes, thus bring five or more Pokémon to you.

Footsteps Graphic Should be Given Attention

Players may notice graphic located in the screen’s bottom right when Pokémon is nearby. Just click the button and it will then pull up a menu that shows Pokémon in the player’s area.

Evolving The Pokémon will revive Its Life

There are many reasons as to why your Pokémon lose health and need to be revived or healed. Players can utilize potion or even revive item, which in the first place can be obtained through visiting PokeStops.

Turn on Power Saver Mode

In order for the battery to last for a longer period of time, players should hit Pokeballs right at the bottom of the screen and then head over to settings button in top right and just choose battery saver mode.

Lucky Eggs Must be Utilized Intelligently

Upon activating this kind of item, you can now get XP boost right over the course of the following thirty minutes.

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