Pokemon Go Tips: How to Be a Great Trainer

Pokémon Go has absolutely enthralled the hearts of many, thus encourage them to continue exploring the surroundings in order to find and capture Pokémon. There are lots of strategies players can consider as they play, but the app itself does not make it readily apparent on how to engage some of its own concepts. To help you improve your experience, we have compiled some of the powerful tips (via Yahoo) needed to understand and to become a much better player at Pokémon Go.

Hit the PokeStops

PokeStops refer to the landmarks right on the map primarily displayed as the rotating cubes, which in the first place transform into Pokémon symbol once the player gets close enough. PokeStops have set cool-down time necessary for preventing the player from just standing and swiping all throughout the game.

Play in Various Places at Many Different Times

Players need to know that Pokémon Go mainly utilizes both the phone’s clock and built-in GPS sensor in order to know when and where the player is playing. For instance, if the player is near the bodies of water, they are more likely to see water-type Pokémon.

Find Pokémon Nearby

In the game’s screen bottom right corner, player must see a box with three different Pokémon silhouettes, which are the closest Pokémon in to the player’s current location. The player should tap on the box and they will see full page of different Pokémon within the area.

Follow Rustling Leaves

Bear in mind that Pokémon are more likely to hang out in tall grass. One of the signs that a certain Pokémon is around you is that you will see rustling leaves nearby. Whenever you see these, it means that a Pokémon is within the area.

Prefect Timing is needed when you throw

Finesse is definitely needed in order to get the most out of Pokémon Go. For instance, when pressing and holding on the Pokeballs when capturing a Pokémon, player should see white circle surrounding the creature.

Duplicating Pokemon is Necessary

Players should capture as many Pokémon as possible. For the Pokémon to become stronger and evolve them, players should have two forms of an in-game currency called the Pokémon candy and stardust. All Pokémon can utilize stardust, yet Pokémon candy is specific to a particular Pokémon type.

Turn Off the AR Mode

Players should be aware that the AR feature of the game can make capturing Pokémon more difficult. For players who want to have a fun and exciting experience, they can turn of the AR via tapping AR button right at the top of the screen when catching a certain Pokémon.

Charge your Phone’s battery

Among the major criticism most player have regarding this game is the fact that it kills the battery of their phones. The best way to make the most out of the game is to keep the phone’s battery charged right before hunting for Pokémon. In addition to that, players can also keep their phone’s display brightness as low as possible while still being able to read and see it clearly and comfortably.

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