Safer Gameplay Tips for Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has been a great influence for the Android and IOS players around the globe. The game was developed by Niantic Inc., the app lets you walk around and travel around different places to discover various types and kinds of Pokémon. You should go out your house, turn on your camera and hunt for the Pokémon that you want to put in your collection. Practically speaking, doing these things can put you into danger.

These are tips that will let you play Pokémon Go in a safer and ideal way. Special thanks to FragHero and Gizmodo for their resources.

  1. Watch Out!
    Watch out not about the Pokémon but the obstacles on your way hunting. You might be destructed on the wild Pokémon on the screen that you won’t be able to see you way clearly. This might lead to simple accidents and worst can lead to a player’s death. Check around your area on every corner especially above you (falling debris). Also check the places where you walk, there is a greater chance of falling on open manholes around your area that can hurt you while catching. Also, be sure to never play Pokemon Go while driving.
  2. Be Careful!
    You will go out with your phone exposed with the public. There might be people that are watching you; they can grab your phone when you are not paying attention on other things like them. To be safe, take out your phone on a place like office, school, private buildings, and other facilities or places that are secured with personnel. Also, use your phone only when it is free time, especially those who are in schools.
  3. Hold it right there!
    Playing this game will require you to use your camera and point to any places so that you can capture Pokémon around you. Sometimes, you get into the public places and encounter several individuals. This is a warning about pointing out cameras directly to a person. It might lead to misunderstandings, especially those who have less knowledge about the game and its nature. They might think that you are taking pictures of them. To be safe, just avoid using it on places that people usually go around. However, if there is a big catch, focus it only on the Pokémon and not the human. If you are caught, try to explain everything, must be concise and clear.
  4. Use data Plans
    This is technical and at the same time, personal. Pokémon Go requires you to travel around different places to catch Pokémon, so you will not be able to use your Wi-Fi connection at home. So, you are forced to use your mobile data connection to be able to play it anywhere. By this, you will experience a higher usage of data of your phone, it has an equal payment to your data connection provider and it might surprise you on your bills. For a safer gameplay, turn it off when it is not in use and make it a habit.

These things are just too basic in the real world. There are more things to pay attention to avoid unexpected things. Remember, reality is more important.

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