Stop Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

In western Sydney, there were two teenagers caught playing Pokémon Go while driving that is close to the pedestrian crossing. When they were interviewed by the police, they said that they put other people and themselves at a big risk. Playing the game should be done at the right place and at the right time so that you will never make something that will give you complicated problems in the near future.

The particular place where the two 17-year-old teenagers caught was the John Street in Cabramatta which was described by many Pokemon fans. With this scenario, Wayne Murray as the superintendent said that even though they were driving at a very low speed, the level of distraction of the two was worrying. To really learn from their mistakes, they were being penalized. More particularly, both of them were fined $ 325 and incurred demerit points up to four.

As reported by TheGuardian, John Hartley as the New South Wales assistant police commissioner called the families and advised to stop their children from playing Pokémon Go while driving. He added that it is the right and proper time for the parents and older siblings of younger drivers to tell and advise all of them of proper behavior in driving. He also said that when this is not done, the police will be there to assure that it is properly implemented. The law enforcement agency as a whole just want to prevent them from being involved in such situations. Thus, helping one another will help achieve the welfare and safety of all people. Besides, difficult dilemmas will be avoided as well.

The Northern Territory police said on Facebook that all Pokémon fans should be very careful in driving while on the road. They should avoid playing the app while driving especially in crossing streets as the driving behavior that some manifest is threatening especially on their general welfare and safety as well. Thus, the best thing that all app users do is to play the game at the right place where safety and protection are available at all times. In this manner, the authority does not want to stop playing the Pokémon Go rather it is an attempt to remind all of them to drive safely and properly.

The Tasmanian police did the same plea after they saw an increase in the workload from the Pokémon Go. They also have seen similar things when it comes to the calls on suspicious behavior and vehicles. Apart from that, they have witnessed a growing number of cases of people utilizing their mobile phones as they said they were trying to find the app. In fact, there was a case about a police who almost hit a person while playing the Pokémon Go.

With many instances of almost hitting a pedestrian because of the game, one of the best things that all users can make is playing the game at the proper place as possible for the safety of all people. For you to avoid road accidents that can give you and other people potential damages, you ought to play Pokémon Go properly.

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