Which Teams Can You Join in Pokemon Go?

If you have been playing Pokemon Go and you have reached level 5 and above, you might ask yourself which team you should join. If that is your situation, there are three teams that you can select where you want to join such as team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct. However, it does not really matter the team that you will choose.

Choosing a particular team will be important in terms of fighting in order to control a specific gym. reports, if you are on the team Instinct, you will fight against the two teams for you to control the gyms available in your area. In playing the mobile game application, all teams can be compared to the houses of Hogwarts as they have their philosophies on how to train and interact with all your Pokemons. With the team Instinct, they consider that Pokemons are creatures that have awesome intuition in which it depends on how they are being hatched. Additionally, they trust on all their Pokemons as they are.    

When it comes to the team Mystic, they believe that the knowledge on playing Pokemon Go is immeasurably profound that requires and deserves detailed analysis. Meaning to say, the game app will not only help you enjoy but it can also sharpen and reinforce your minds. So, Pokemon Go is the perfect and ideal game app once you want to enjoy and develop the faculties of your minds as well.

In terms of the team Valor, they are not only a fiery but also an ambitious bunch. They firmly consider that all Pokemons are very powerful. They also develop a strong and amazing rapport with their Pokemons for them to become one of the best trainers in the team. The team has a mascot named Moltres which is the considered as the fiery bird. If you want to create a strong relationship with all your Pokemons, the team Valor will best suit your needs.

If you want to be aware with the number of members in all teams, the team that has more members is the team Mystic. This is followed by the team Valor and next to that is the team Instinct. Most of the app users are serious enough on which team to join. In addition, there are things that every team makes in order to get more members as possible. For the team Valor, they provide amazing discounts to all game app players. There are also some who use other social networking sites for them to destroy the reputation of other teams. With all of these things, you have to choose the one that will not negatively affect your personal relationships. Moreover, you can select what you totally want and prefer.

Indeed, there are teams that you can join such as the team Mystic, team Valor, and team Instinct. Whatever you opt, you will choose the one that can give you an amazing and enjoying experience. Additionally, you will enjoy playing the mobile game app at the end of the day. 

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