Things to Know About Pokemon Go Teams

Pokemon Go has been used prevalently in the world because it is a very enjoying and exhilarating game. If you want to play the mobile game application but you do not know how to do it, the things given below can really help you. Surely, you will achieve what you want and you will probably enjoy your time in playing the Pokemon Go. To guide you with what you want, here is a beginner’s guide on the different teams and gyms that are beneficial on your part as a neophyte. You will also become familiar on how these things are interrelated with each other.

As reported by, when you are able to reach the level 5, you will be introduced by Professor Willow to his assistants such as Blanche, Spark, and Candela who are the leaders of the different teams. When you are in a situation in which you need to make a decision which team you are going to choose, all of them will help you until you choose what you completely want. The three leaders have different philosophies and you will be provided with an identity and a place in the community you will opt in the future. So, whatever team you will join, for sure, you will never regret as they are really great.


These are divided into three such as Mystic, Instinct, and Valor. When it comes to the team Mystic, their leader is Blanche and they are represented by Articuno (a legendary Pokemon). In the team Instinct, their leader is Spark and they are represented by Zapdos which is also a legendary Pokemon. Spark strongly believes that you will not lose a game when you always follow your instincts. When it comes to the team Valor, the one who leads them is Candela and Moltres represents them. Candela focuses on training that will develop Pokémons’ true strengths. Whatever team you will choose, it does not really matter because they do not affect your play rather they are utilized in fighting over a gym against other teams.

Choosing a Gym

When you pick your team, your adventure starts. You will assign one of your Pokemons in either an empty gym or one that is controlled by your chosen team. You have to bear in mind that you have to work as a team so that you can create one that is unstoppable. Furthermore, your Pokemon will stay there for a long time but when it is defeated by another Pokemon, you can get it.


In your chosen team, you can reach the gym that they control. After that, you will be trained in that particular place. The training encompasses of friendly battle so you do not have to feel worried about it. When you are able to defeat other Pokemons, you will have the opportunity to get points. You can also boost the prestige level of your chosen team.

Thus, the beginner’s guide will help you all throughout your Pokemon Go experience. Even though you are a neophyte, you can achieve the things of other expert players for sure. In addition to that, you will have more chances of winning than failing.

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