Ultimate Game Guide: Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go is one of the hottest games of the Niantic Inc. It is a game where you can get social and get outside not unlike the other games that let you stay in just one place and make you lazy. This game is interactive. The app knows where you are exactly, whether you are moving or not, and even how many kilometres or mile have you been gone on just to catch Pokémon.

Here are game guides to help you win at Pokémon Go:

  1. Catching Colors
    The colors will be an indicator on what difficulty level the Pokémon will be able to catch. First things first, green means easy and might be very easy to catch in just one throw. Then the second, yellow, means moderate catch; it may take few times but will surely get into your ball. Orange means hard, which you will be able to find real difficulties on catching that Pokémon. The last is red, which only means it is hard to catch; you need luck and some items that will be able to help you catching. For more, use Razzberries to lower the difficulty in catching a Pokémon. In addition, using a greatball/ultraball will increase your chance on catching them in.
  2. Combat Power
    Any type of Pokémon has a certain level of CP (combat power) used for battles and it is a great advance of having a Pokémon who has a greater CP. The potential of a Pokémon to increase its CP is by evolving and the level of its trainer. Save resources to power your Pokémon up. The resources can be gathered by leveling up; each level has a designated reward to be given for the trainer.
  3. Move sets
    Some time, you don’t have to turn your eyes on the Pokémon who has basically higher CP than the others. If you have 2 of the same kind of Pokémon, put them in the battle and observe their move sets that can use into the battle. Higher CP of Pokémon that has poor moves sets is totally useless. You can increase a CP of Pokémon that has better skills and moves that can be used in the battle.
  4. Save it!
    Try to save different types of Pokémon; this will help you to gather more exp and candies. You can also use other Pokémon to trade with other trainers. They might have Pokémon that you want and in exchange, they can have Pokémon that is in your collection. However, be wise on trading, of course, trade with something better that you have. Look at the Pokémon’s moves and its abilities.

If you manage to do these basic things, you can discover and add more on the things that you will learn in the process of the game. Save more items and keep your news about the updates that will help you. Keep in touch with other players so you can be able to gain knowledge on other tricks and gameplay. In addition to all of the Pokemon tips above, also be sure to check out LifeHacker’s Ultimate Guide to Pokemon Go.

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